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About Us

Bralessly clothing is comfortable, stylish, and enables you to go braless with confidence! The Bralessly Bust Panel™ provides the ultimate in comfort and freedom without support or lift. The multi-layer panel can also eliminate circulatory issues and discomfort from ill-fitting bras by allowing freedom of movement and air-flow. Our soft, anti-microbial fabric wicks moisture away from the skin. Get that feeling of relief from taking off your bra, all day long.

Bralessly is a woman-owned small business sewing clothing with care in Tucson, Arizona. Our ‘no bra’ products are eco-friendly and sustainable. We put our community first and design clothing with your comfort and modesty in mind.

Meet the Founder

If you are like me, you can’t wait to get home at the end of the day and take off your bra. "Why can't I feel this relief all day long,” you think with frustration. A few summers ago, I was on vacation in sweltering New England. I stripped down to a simple tank top when the humidity rose above 80% and had to ask… What is stopping me from feeling this freedom every day?

I felt I had to choose. In today’s world it is a choice between being immodest or not, being socially acceptable or not, being comfortable or not.

So I decided right then that women need another option. I founded Bralessly to give women the choice to live free and Bralessly if and when they want. Our clothes are 'around the house comfort' with 'around town confidence'. And we make everything by hand with care in Tucson, Arizona at Sonoran Stitch Factory-also owned by me! Join our community today and discover the joy of living free and Bralessly!

Erica Yngve

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